Fiber Fuel

Lewis Mouldings and Specialties in Weymouth North, Nova Scotia are compressing the shavings by-product of their moulding product into 2 pound bricks.

“Fiber fuel bricks have less ash, smoke and creosote than cordwood and produce an efficient even heat when used according to instructions,” said the company's General Manager Jamie Lewis.

In store now @ only $5.99


Fiber Fuel bricks are 2 pounds of compressed kiln dried wood waste. The wood waste is a by-product from the moulding manufacturing done by Lewis Mouldings. These 2 pound bricks can be used as an alternative to hardwood in home heating applications. The process takes 2 pounds of loose wood waste and compresses it at very high pressures, which results in the forming of small, very dense bricks. It is the high pressures that form the normally loose wood waste to solid blocks rendering them suitable for use as firewood. There are no binders or glues added to the wood waste to cause it to form; it is the natural result of applying high pressure to wood waste.

Fiber Fuel Bricks make a great alternative to conventional firewood and the perfect solution for someone who wants to diminish their dependency on fossil fuels but does not want to deal with the rigors of firewood.  

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