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Annapolis Home Hardware building Centre is always strving to bring you products and services that help you and the enviroment. Our Suppliers are leading the way in "green" innovation and its our goal to brring those products into the community where it will make a differance.

Home Hardware offers a complete range of top quality Natura products. Eco-friendly, organic, biodegradable, and non-toxic, these products all work very effectively while also reducing the impact on the planet. Discover what’s new in green cleaning products at Annapolis Home Hardware. We believe it’s important to make ecologically positive decisions today for the health of our families and our earth for generations to come. Click for More Info


Eco Friendly Products

Solar Domestic Hot Water

Solar Grid Tied


Heat Pumps

Waster Water Heat Recovery

Boiler Jacket

DOW Soy Based Spray Foam Kits

Owens Corning Fiberglass  Insulation

Energy Star Ratings for Windows & Doors

Energy Rebate Links

Electricity Efficiency Rebate NSP ($1250)

Federal Rebate ($1250)

Nova Scotia Rebate  (15% = $675 min)

    Solar Hot Water Rebate Application Form

Zero Interest Loan

Eco Energy Zero Interest Loan






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