Beaver Home and cottages

Beaver Home & Cottages

Are you dreaming of the perfect home or cottage? At Annapolis Home Hardware Building Centre, dreams really do come true! From a cozy cabin in the woods to a luxurious, four-bedroom city home, the Beaver Home & Cottage Design Book has the perfect package for you. We will help you with advice on design, product choices, financing options, planning and scheduling.

Visit us in store and ask about the new Beaver Home & Cottage Design Book. It includes beautiful photographs of model homes and cottages, customer testimonials and photos of their homes. Plus, you’ll see all the project details you need to get started.

For starters, though, read on. Then visit Annapolis Home Hardware Building Centre.

How can Home help build your dream?

We don't simply sell the plans, our in-store experts and Beaver Home & Cottage Design Consultants will help plan your project, explain product choices, supply complete material package specifications and pricing, discuss payment options and deliver everything you need to your site.
It’s the worry-free way to the home or cottage you’ve always wanted. Click on the links to the right to find out more.

What our customers are saying

"Perfection at Last"

Judy and John Keown had always dreamed of building a perfect home on beautiful Georgian Bay, Ontario. Sadly, John passed away before their dream was realized, and Judy was reluctant to move ahead without him. But special dreams don’t fade so easily. Judy turned to Gerry March at McNabb Home Building Centre in Parry Sound, Ontario, for help.

“It was really important to have help from someone I could trust,” she says. “Especially with me being alone and not being familiar with the process of building a home.”

Working with Gerry to customize and modify her chosen design, Judy now has her dream home. “I love it,” she says. “I can see the bay from every room in the house. It’s just perfect.”

Thrilled by the Quality and Cost

“I wanted a custom home, but I did not want to pay a huge custom price,” explains Rob Myhre, proud owner of a beautiful new home near Lake Erie, Ontario. So Bob went to see Ted Costen at the J & K Home Building Centre in Brantford, Ontario.

The challenge: Rob’s home was to be built on a sloping, riverfront property and included lots of upgrades. “There were a lot of costs associated with this,” Ted explains. “Rob needed to make the house cost-effective, and that’s something that I really like doing.” Though he’s been helping people build their dream homes with Home Hardware’s Package Sales program for 30 years, Ted says Rob’s project is one of his most memorable.

And Rob couldn’t be happier: By the time the home was finished, even with all the upgrades, it was still about $40,000 cheaper than the other nearest quote.


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